Friday, January 19, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside

Tuesday morning, I woke up and this is what it looked like outside my apartment.

When I lived in North Carolina, I didn't need to wear wool socks very much. It turns out that I have knit only two pairs of wool socks for myself. Now that winter has arrived in Cleveland, two pairs is not going to cut it. So, I started a new pair of socks on Wednesday. Can you guess what they are? Here's a hint: I'm the last person in the world to knit them.


Laura said...

Oh look, the baby blogger got her first comment spam. ;)

I love the colors of your LL! Can't wait to see those in person.

pcr said...

Blogger let me delete the spam! Yay!!

meg said...

Jaywalkers? No, I'm the last person to knit them :o)
Your shetland shawl looks lovely!