Friday, March 16, 2007

It's not that easy being green

Peapod and iPod

DNA and I have finally joined the 21st century and gotten cell phones. Of course, I had to get a green phone to match my iPod. As you can see I have a first generation mini. The observant among you will notice that I have swapped out my Apple headphones for a pair that are much cheaper and better.


g.a.n.g (fka bdb) said...

I like green - it's the colour of my favourite political party PASOK

Laura said...

I love the new green background on the blog too! It looks great!

Amy in Beijing said...

I have the same ipod but my Chinese cell phone is HOT pink - that way the 12 year old won't make off with it!

ali said...

Love the green. What century would I be in- I have the cell phone but no ipod...?