Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Got It Bad

Yesterday, several members of the East Side Stitch N' Bitch drove over to Broadview Heights to Soft N Sassy for the Cider Moon trunk show.

The yarn was absolutely amazing!

Jeanne, Laura and I found several skeins that had to come home with us.

We then had a wonderful lunch at the French Quarter CafĂ© down the street…

… where Joyce showed off her newly wound yarn.

These are the yarns I decided I couldn't live without. I think I'm in love!
From left to right: Pistachio, Prickly Pear and Sweet Potato Pie. (Notice that I bought yarns that are all named after food!)


Brenda said...

Beautiful yarn! Sounds like you had a great time!

Laura said...

Your pictures are great!! I had camnesia in the store, so I have no pictures of all the yarn. Also, it would have been hard for me to take pictures AND fondle the yarn at the same time. LOL!

Debbi said...

We DID have a wonderful time. Those Cider Moon ladies make some gorgeous colorways. It was nearly impossible to choose!

Melinda said...

Oh it looks like such a good time. Thanks for posting some pics!

Olga said...

Oh, so you like the warm honey colors, do you? :-) Those skeins are just gorgeous! I'm quite jealous.

I love that picture of you cuties in the yarn store.

Sourire11 said...

Your pictures are wonderful!!! I like how those are the colors you "can't live without". Heh.

Seriously - it was so fun to meet you! We have to do this again sometime!