Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seven Years

Although some might believe that I am a conscientious knitter who never has projects that have been thrown into a dark closet in disgust, I am in fact as fallible as the next knitter. Today I'm going to confess a deep dark secret. The following project has remained unfinished for seven years!

I recently went to see Notes on a Scandal and a sweater worn by Cate Blanchett's character reminded me of my sweater.* I decided it had been lying around long enough! It's time for me to finish it!

The sweater is from this book compiled by Kristin Nicholas for Classic Elite Yarns in 1998.

The pattern is called "Quick & Simple". I guess I didn't find it all that quick.

* The fingerless gloves worn by her character in the movie also inspired me to knit Fetching. Monkey see, monkey do!
Incidentally, the movie was really amazing. I highly recommend it.


Laura said...

That DOES look like her sweater!

I think I have that book. I like the pullover.

Olga said...

That sweater's beautiful! And classic. Who cares if it's been 7 years?

Patterns always lie about being "quick" and "easy." Sometimes, they call themselves last minute knitted gifts and sell themselves as a book.

Brenda said...

Classic sweater! I'm glad you can pull it out and finish it. In January I frogged two projects that when I took a good hard look at them, I had to conclude I was crazy when I had picked them out and started knitting. I would never wear either one. Good luck!

Amy in Beijing said...

I must have you confused with someone former knitting teacher doesn't seem like she would EVER have any UFO's!