Sunday, April 8, 2007

Here, there and everywhere

Last weekend, there were amazing knitters all over Cleveland.

On Saturday, the Yarn Harlot was at Joseph-Beth. Other bloggers have already talked about how smart, funny and nice she is, but let me add that she is incredibly perceptive about how knitters think and live. What really struck me was that we can all relate to her stories about knitters. How is it that, through our craft, we have so much in common?

The next amazing knitter I met was Annie Modesitt, who gave a talk and signed books at Fine Points. She was unbelievably down-to-earth, gracious and funny. She told the story of how she learned to knit and how she learned to own her knitting. Annie also did a demonstration of cabling without a cable needle. During the demonstration, she complimented me on the vest I had knit. My head got so big I couldn't get out the door. Here is a picture of me looking incredible dorky with Annie, who is incredibly beautiful.

On knitting progress, the quick and simple cardigan continues. There is no picture because it still looks like a big brown blob. The Unst socks, pictured below, are continuing too.


Melinda said...

What a great birthday weekend. Hope you had a blast.

Olga said...

Was it your birthday? Happy birthday! Your socks are beautiful--both pattern and the yarn. Is Annie really that tall? She's a giantess! And you are *cute*!

Brenda said...

Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun! You look great in the photo!

The Unst socks look amazing. Such a pretty yarn.

Amy in Beijing said...

I would say, rather, are you really that short??? ;-}
Glad you had a happy birthday and all those famous knitting people - wow!

Elizabeth said...

i wondered if you got to go see her talk (noticed she was in town) -- so very jealous!