Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Everybody Else is Doing It …

Because everybody else is posting pictures of cute woolly animals, I decided I had to show pictures of the adorable fur-bearing creatures that I saw at the Great Lakes Fiber Show on Sunday.
Sheep milling around with goats.

Goats are cuter than you would think!

Alpacas make funny noises.

Here he is with his friends.

This guy was so funny because he was shorn everywhere except on his head, legs and rump.

I promised you guys some knitting progress, so here it is. The back of Salina is almost done!

This is what happened five seconds after I took that picture.

Stay tuned to find out what I bought at the Fiber Show.

Where can I get this bumper sticker?


Brenda said...

Fibery animals are all very cute! I imagine they like being shorn before summer.

Salina's back is looking good! And I think your cat agrees.

Melinda said...

What? You went? Well, I'm selfishly glad you went on Sunday and got to knit with me on Saturday. :) Salina is looking awesome.

Laura said...

1. Hey! I think I recognize the kid in the first picture! ;)

2. Those shorn alpacas looked like Seuss animals. :)

Sourire11 said...

Great pics! Sorry I missed you guys there... eh. Next time.

I love the alpacas! I so wanted to take one home with me... they seemed like so much fun and were actually smaller than I thought they would be. Funtimes.