Saturday, August 4, 2007

I Need All the Friends I Can Get

Last weekend Laura invited DNA and me over to her house for bratwursts and beer! Who can say no to that on a lovely summer afternoon? She was kind enough to snap a picture of me in Sophie.

Vital stats:
Pattern: Sophie from Knitty
Yarn: Phyz from ArtFibers
Color: 13
Needles: size 7 and 9 circular Denise needles
Modifications: My gauge didn't quite work out. Even though I was trying to knit the 34" size, I ended up with a top that was 31". The waist shaping as written in the pattern didn't quite seem to work out, so I changed them so that I decreased 4 stitches every 8 rows 3 times, then I knit 12 rows before decreasing 4 stitches every 8 rows 3 times. Although the designer didn't see a point in knitting the top without the cutout at the neck, I thought I would probably like it better with the collar intact. The Phyz yarn is extremely stretchy when knit up, so I'm pretty happy with the fit of the top. I'm looking forward to wearing it to the Silversun Pickups concert on Tuesday.

I'd like to thank Laura for tagging me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Any kind things she said about me apply to her two-fold. Laura was a very good friend to me when I had moved to a new job in a new city where I didn't know a soul. I'm lucky to call her a friend! Here is a picture of Laura's cute kids playing with DNA.


Melinda said...

It looks lovely. How long did it take you to knit it?

Laura said...

Aw, thanks, sweetie! What a cute picture. They totally love Uncle Ash. :)

PCR said...

Mel, it took just over a week!

Sourire11 said...

Adorable pics... and I like the top better with the collar the way you did it!

Brenda said...

The top looks great! I like how you did the color, and the colors are lovely.